Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

» Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
Phone Number: (605) 745-5955
12163 Highland Road, Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747, United States, P.O. Box 998, Hot Springs, SD, 57747-

"A Forever Home of the American Mustang"

Since 1988 the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary has reconnected hundreds of wild horses with private land set apart for wildlife and natural habitat. From painted Choctaw Indian Ponies of the Trail of Tears, to Curlies of the Great Plains, to American Mustangs of the Old West and spirited Spanish horses of the conquistador explorers—come meet a heritage of America’s wild horses. Private and educational excursions to see the horse herds are available by reservation only. Book your private tour to experience wild horse culture amidst their homeland of over 11,000 acres of sweeping prairie grasslands, shady pine forests, and towering sandstone canyons. Overnight stays in one of our cabins are available with an exceptional view of the night sky! Please, call or book online.

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located 14 miles south of Hot Springs off of SD Highway 71.

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  • As a current horse owner and the passion and love that we have for all horses, we are planning our first trip to your sanctuary this year

  • I will be coming to South Dakota on a business trip three times next month. I plan to come tot he sanctuary. Watch the video…it is beautiful. I have had horses for the majority of my childhood and they are such special spirits. I can’t wait!

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