Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa

» Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa
Phone Number: 605-745-7625
1829 Minnekahta Ave, South Dakota, USA 57747

Open Seasonal/May-December | CLOSED JANUARY-APRIL
Wednesday-Sunday / 8am to 8pm / Ages 18+

History of Moccasin Springs…

The spring name has always been Moccasin Springs, warm mineral springs of 93 degrees up the Minnekahta Valley, where Native Americans soaked. Many say, people soaked to heal. The springs still come out of the ground, through a natural red rock formation, in the shape of a moccasin! In 1890, the “Original Indian Springs that made this town famous” was built up around the original red rock, Moccasin shaped springs and called, the Minnekahta Bath House and Open Air Plunge as well as the Hot Springs Hotel. The Hot Springs Hotel was a long, 4 story hotel. All buildings have since been torn down, only the ruins remain.

The story is that in the late 30’s, the Hot Springs Hotel interior burned and the structure was compromised due to having been built on top of underground springs. In the late 40’s, the Minnekahta Bath House had been closed due to rusty pipes and maintenance issues.

The property was purchased by Kara Hagen in September of 2014 and has taken on many phases of clean up and change. The name of the site was changed back to the original name, Moccasin Springs. All of the historical ruins on site have been taken in consideration, to maintain the ruins and build around the original site, keeping as much history as possible for your mineral springs experience.

Moccasin Springs consists of a Pool House (warming house with gas fireplace), Bath House (with natural mineral spring water), Pool House Pool, 93 degree pool. Natural Mineral Springs Hot Pools (2) with temperatures ranging from 98-102.

The main building is currently being constructed. It will hold; a yoga studio with fireplace, 2 massage rooms, massage relaxation area, laundry, maintenance room, main entry with fireplace and a space for a restaurant. Rebecca Christensen will be renting a portion of the building built specifically to feature the Buffalo Dreamer, food alchemy restaurant. We are excited to have Rebecca’s amazing presence and wonderful culinary dining on site.

For updates and more information, join Facebook group page and Facebook page under Black Hills Destination.

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