At the base of the Southern Black Hills, avid hikers and geocachers can find hiking opportunities galore in and around Hot Springs. Many of the trails are some of the best kept secrets of the Black Hills and are traversed primarily by locals who are “in the know.”

A favorite of local hikers and geocachers, Battle Mountain, so named for the legendary battle between the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes over possession of the “minnekahta” (warm water springs), rises nearly one thousand feet to its summit. Battle Mountain Road, a 1.4 mile trail leading the summit is a rough road to traverse for vehicles, but perfect for hikers. From atop the peak, you’ll find a majestic view of not only Hot Springs below but even to Angostura to the South and to Wind Cave to the North. We highly recommend Summitpost.org’s coverage of Battle Mountain to prepare you for this strenuous hike.

Wind Cave National Park offers over 30 miles of hiking terrain spread across 11 different hiking trails ranging in difficulty from easy to very strenuous with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna that reside within the park.

Angostura Recreation Area also offers the Reservoir View Bike Trail, a 3.2 mile trail for both biking and hiking.