Scenic Drives

Feeling adventurous? Take a side trip to explore the beauty of the Southern Black Hills at your own pace with scenic drives like Hot Brook Canyon Road, Argyle Road, 7-11 Road, Highway 71, Red Canyon Road, and the Leslie Jensen Scenic Drive. These scenic drives will have you seeing stunning rock formations, occasional wildlife, undeveloped historical sites, warm spring-fed streams and, of course, the natural western landscapes and pine forests the Black Hills are known for world-wide, all within a short distance from Hot Springs.

Hot Brook Canyon Road

Follow County Highway 18-B West (start near Evans Plunge), and follow Hot Brook Canyon Road to US Higway 18. Follow US Highway 18 East to return to Hot Springs.

Argyle Road

Take US Highway 385 North to Argyle Road (County Road 18 ), and follow Argyle Road (which is both County Road 18 then 333) to Sate Highway 89. Follow State Highway 89 South to US Highway 18. Turn East on US Highway 18 to return to Hot Springs.

7-11 Road

Take US Highway 385 North to 7-11 Road (County Road 101), and follow to State Highway 79. Turn South on State Highway 79 to return to Hot Springs.

State Highway 71

Take State Highway 71 South to Nebraska, then turn East onto US Highway 20, then turn North on US Highway 385 to return to Hot Springs.

Leslie Jensen Scenic Drive

Follow US Highway 385 / US Highway 18 East along Fall River.