The Chamber

The Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, agricultural, civic and general interest of the City of Hot Springs; and for the purpose of promoting tourist travel, resort accommodations, conventions, conferences and meetings within the area and at the Mueller Civic Center. The Chamber of Commerce in its activities shall be non-partisan, non-sectional and non-sectarian.  We invite you to become a member of an organization that is dedicated to promoting your business.

Olivia Mears, Executive Director
Jo Schroeder, Executive Assistant
Justin Gausman, Digital Media Coordinator

Office Hours: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday
Phone: 605.745.4140 or 800.325.6991
Fax: 605.745.5849

Depot Information Center Staff
Open Seasonally Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 12am-5pm
Frank Mason,
Manager/Information Specialist
Margaret Hunter,
Information Specialist
Perry Holmes, Information Specialist

Chamber Executive Board
Wally Cachro, Hills Inn – President
Cristin Stewart, Hidden Lake Campground – Past President
Kris Hanson, Evans Plunge Mineral Springs – Secretary
Presston Gabel, The Mammoth Site – Treasurer
Randall Meyers – President-Elect

Board of Directors Members

Jackie Gericke – Earth Goods Natural Foods
Brett Nachtigall – Fall River County Herald
Mike McNeill – Forest Service
Isaac Zarecki – Hot Springs Star
Randall Meyers – State Veterans Home
Justin Stephens – High Mountain Outfitters
KC Carruthers – Morris Grand Gallery
George Kotti – Mayor of Hot Springs, ex-officio

Chamber Programs Include

  • Affordable Housing Information
  • Hospitality Training
  • Visitor Promotion
  • Tourism Publications
  • Volunteer Program
  • Host Prospective Business Owners
  • Greeting New Businesses and Tour Planners
  • Recruitment of New Businesses
  • Retention of Current Businesses
  • Spring & Fall Clean-Up
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Mailing of Visitor Information Packets, School Packets, and Relocation Packets
  • Matching Customers Needs with Appropriate Businesses
  • Citizen of the Year Award
  • Taste of Hot Springs Dinner
  • Hot Springs Representation at state-wide Tourism, Eco. Development & Chamber Events
  • Parade Participation
  • 4-H Awards Banquet Sponsorship
  • Ag Producer Appreciation Banquet
  • Badger Clark Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering
  • Architecture Tour
  • Membership Drive
  • Customer Feedback Cards
  • Travel Show Marketing
  • Chamber Mixers
  • Free Internet Access @ Mueller Center & Depot
  • West River Coalition
  • Industry and Commerce Association Membership
  • Small Business Development Center Host
  • Black Hills Badlands & Lakes
  • Black Hills Central Reservations

Meeting times are subject to change, please consult the
Chamber calendar or call the Chamber at 745-4140.

Ag Committee – 3rd Thursday at noon
Ambassador Committee – 2nd Friday at 1:00
Retail & Business Promotions – 2nd Thursdays at 8:30am
Tourism Committee – 1st Wednesday at noon

Ag Committee
Committee President: Brandi Christensen

The Ag Committee’s goal is to promote and educate people in Fall River County and the Hot Springs community about the importance of Agriculture.

Agriculture is the number one industry for the State of South Dakota. South Dakota farmers and ranchers provide high quality food that is used throughout the world.

As a committee, we would like to take this opportunity to say “Thanks” to all the businesses that have helped make the Ag Banquet happen. Your generosity is also appreciated by our Ag Producers.

We would also like to thank the members of the Ag Committee for their leadership and support of the events over the past year.

Ag activities include the following:

Field Conservation Day for the 7th Grade classes in Hot Springs and Oelrichs. This is a day the youth really look forward to with anticipation as they learn about grasses, animals, acreages, etc.
Support of Ag Seminars by Dave Koupal in Hot Springs
4-H Recognition Day
Ag Appreciation Banquet & Ball
Ag Scholarship
“All About Ag” Day

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Ag Committee is encouraged to contact the chamber office at 605-745-4140.

Ambassador Committee
Jerusha Jones – Chairperson

The Hot Springs Chamber Ambassadors meet once a month to recognize and welcome new businesses, new business Owners, new Administrators or personnel additions, major changes to the business, and business relocations withing the Hot Springs area.

Ambassador visits not only promote Chamber support to the changes and growth within our community, and also serve as a means of public awareness through the courtesy of the Hot Springs Star and the Chamber Facebook page.

Ambassador visits are scheduled for the 2nd Friday of the month from 1:00 to 2:00, establishing a set time for Ambassadors to reserve from their business or personal schedules. Any Chamber member is encouraged to join the Ambassador Committee.

Retail and Business Promotions

Brett Nachtigall – Chairperson

The Retail & Business Promotions Committee organizes and promotes a number of events designed to encourage shopping in Hot Springs, many of which are self-supporting and also helped to create additional revenue to promote the Chamber’s activities.

Retail & Business activities include:

  • Wine Walk & Putt
  • Badger Clark Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering
  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Promotion During Christmas Season
  • Spring Fling Home & Garden Show

We are always looking for additional input from local businesses as to how we can work together to benefit the town. Anyone who is interested in participating in our planning sessions is invited to attend our monthly meetings, which occur at the Mueller Center on the second Thursday of each month, beginning at 8:30a.m.

Tourism Committee

Wally Cachro – Chairperson

The Hot Springs Chamber Tourism Committee works on various projects and ideas to promote tourism to Hot Springs.

The Chamber Tourism Committee also helped organize a BID (Business Improvement District) Board consisting of Hotel owners & managers that utilize money collected from a city occupancy tax to promote tourism in the Hot Springs area. The BID Board and Chamber Tourism Committee work in cooperation with tourism organizations like SD Department of Tourism and Black Hills & Badlands to come up with marketing campaigns involving billboards, magazine ad placements, and digital strategies.

Chamber members interested in promoting tourism in the Hot Springs area are encouraged to attend the Tourism Committee meeting, which takes place the first Wednesday of every month.

Annual Fees Per Number of Employees

1 – $125
2 – $137
3 – $148
4 – $160
5 – $170
6 – $181
7 – $192
8 – $203
9 – $215
10 – $225
11 – $236
12 – $236
13 – $259
14 – $259
15-20 – $280
21-25 – $345
26 or More – $356

Annual Fees

Individual – $25
Government and Non-Profit – $110
Motels – $110 + $5.50/Unit
Churches – $27
Campgrounds – $110+

ENHANCED WEBSITE BUSINESS LISTING – Listing on this website with photos, hours, contact information, business information, map/directions, video integration, enhanced SEO, and more with our new flexible online directory.

HOT SPRINGS CITY MAP – 20,000 copies printed per year. Chamber Members recognized by bold print. Maps always available at the Chamber Visitor Center as well as at most businesses.

– Designates you as a concerned businessperson.

– Opportunities for involvement of members through several different committees: Agriculture, Ambassadors, Events & Promotion and Tourism.

CHAMBER NEWSLETTER – Monthly publication highlights good things happening to membership: movement, expansions, special awards, achievements and other successes, keeps you up-to-date on events, programs, seminars, etc. You can enclose in the newsletter your flyer for only $15.00 on upcoming events or promotions for your business.

MEMBERSHIP MIXERS – A good time to network with and meet fellow business people.

ANNUAL MEETING – Annual business & committee reports, Business awards, Citizen of the Year award and a great time to socialize with other members.

INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION – Display of your promotional brochures at our main office and Depot Center for free.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY – Listed and noted in Hot Springs Welcome Magazine Business Directory as a Chamber Member. 40,000 magazines printed in 2015 for distribution and are mailed out to visitors requesting information and are available at visitor centers throughout the state of South Dakota and at many local businesses in Hot Springs.

RIBBON CUTTING/GRAND OPENING – Chamber staff can help you organize the special event.

BUSINESS RESOURCE LIBRARY – Includes demographics on Hot Springs, government official’s directory, city maps, grant and loan programs.

BULK MAILING – Members may use our bulk mailing license for direct mail campaigns.

MEMBER REFERRALS – When the Chamber of Commerce receives inquiries regarding businesses and/or professionals in the area, members are prioritized referrals.

HOSPITALITY TRAINING – Learn how to serve your customers better with annual training provided by the Chamber.

VARIOUS SEMINARS – Everything from hiring/firing techniques to ADA requirements to ACA insurance marketplace explained by knowledgeable presenters.

– Chamber of Commerce Membership helps make other members aware of the products and services you offer.

REPRESENTATION – Chamber Director and Board of Directors represent Hot Springs at local, regional and state functions, meetings, seminars, etc.

Have questions?

Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 342
Hot Springs, SD 57747
(605) 745-4140

Thank you for your interest in the Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce!  We have over 250 dedicated businesses and individuals working to improve the business climate in Hot Springs by:

Producing events that bring people to Hot Springs and encourage them to do their business here, such as; Spring Fling Home & Garden Show, Wine Walk & Putt Challenge, 4th of July Events, Badger Clark Cowboy Music and Stories Gathering, Holiday Shopping Extravaganza. We also promote other events such as The Dakota Mud Run, Black Hills Color Fun Run, The Fall Festival and Christmas in the Hills, to name a few.

Promotion and press coverage for new businesses or businesses that have changed locations and/or management; such as monthly ambassador visits, ribbon cutting, and events.

Providing opportunities for business to business interaction, such as; Annual Ag Banquet (where the Chamber & member businesses honor our Ag Producers), Annual Chamber Meeting and Awards Banquet, and various Chamber Mixers throughout the year.

Encouraging people to shop locally, by selling more than $18,000 Chamber Bucks a year. Chamber bucks may only be spent at local businesses so the money comes directly back to local merchants.

Providing a website ( with vital community and business information for locals and visitors alike. Each member businesses has their own listing, with the opportunity to place paid banner ads.

Expanding our social media activity, outreach and promotion of the community through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and more. Making an investment of over $240,000 to get visitors to come to Hot Springs and when they get here, enticing them to stay longer, through; Regional and cooperative marketing efforts in local, state and national publications such as, AAA Tour Guide, SD Vacation Guide, Black Hills & Badlands Tourism publications, Southern Hills Vacation Guide, Hot Springs brochures/rack cards, City maps, City Trails Maps, Motel Directories, Hot Springs Visitors Guides.

Special marketing events, such as hosting dinners for tour operators, South Dakota state visitor center staff, and national and international media, all of whom will encourage travelers to come to the Hot Springs area.

Downtown promotion designed to get people to visit and stay longer in our historic downtown area.

As a member you have the support of a large network of members dedicated to improving the strength and quality of the community. We send out a monthly newsletter, informing you of new businesses in town, updates on community and state news, opportunities for community involvement and educational resources available to you.

We offer our members the opportunity to include their flyer in our monthly newsletter. You will also receive a weekly email newsletter called the Springtides which notifies you of events in and around our community. You are also invited to submit your event or advertisement for inclusion in our Springtides, as members may advertise for free.

Your business will also be listed in the Southern Hills Vacation Guide, Hot Springs Welcome Magazine, the Hot Springs City Map, and on the Hot Springs website. We also offer opportunities for paid banner ads for members on the Chamber website. Your business is also included in our Relocation Guide which we send out to people looking to move to Hot Springs. We also have a very active Facebook page where we can help promote your business. We receive numerous calls every day requesting information or recommendations for accommodation, recreation, organizations and services as well as vacation guides and as a Chamber member, we promote your business at every opportunity, in response to those requests. Our members also have access to our mailing lists, as well as the use of our bulk mailing permit.

You are also invited to serve on any of our committees: Tourism, Retail & Business Promotions, Ambassadors, or the Ag Committee. Committees are voluntary and if you decided you would like to join a committee, you would be notified by email of the meeting times.  All meetings take place at the Mueller Civic Center unless otherwise specified.